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The main characteristic of the magnetic particle clutch is the possibility to smoothly change the torque depending on the coil current. In order to produce a torque, the clutch has to be excited by DC voltage. A magnetic field is produced. To transmit the torque from the external to the internal rotor made of special alloy and highly abrasion-resistant iron particles are inserted into the gap between the rotors.

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Depending on the electromagnetic field, these fine iron particles build magnetic chains and thus transmit the torque. The power of the field determines the stability of the particle chains and also the transmittable torque.

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The excitation coil of magneta's magnetic particle clutch type 14.502 is installed into the rotating external rotor. For the power supply slip rings are required. Preferably the input operates through the external rotor. For connection to the driving element the external rotor is equipped with sufficiently threaded bores that are axially oriented. The internal rotor provides the output. The hollow shaft has a keyway. The input can be used as an output and vice versa.

In many cases, the use of magnetic particle brakes is necessary. If the external rotor is fixed, the clutch operates as a brake. If the external rotor is fixed, slip ring are not required for the power input. The power input is provided by spade connectors on the external rotor. This is the principle of all magneta magnetic particle brakes.

In cases where the power supply by slip rings is not permitted or not possible, the magneta magnetic particle clutch type 14.501 can be used. The excitation coil is installed into the fixed stator. The power supply is provided through spade connectors.

The input is preferably connected through the rotor tube. To connect the driving element, e.g. for installation of pulleys or chain sprockets, there are to be found corresponding thread bores in the flange of the rotor tube. The output is provided through the shaft of the internal rotor that is equipped with a keyway. Here too, the input and the output may be changed.

If the set torque is exceeded, the slip mode is smoothly taking over. Magnetic particle clutches and brakes are intended for permanent slip mode, as far as the quantity of heat to be dissipated is not exceeded. In such cases, a detailed recalculation is required. In the slip mode, the magnetic particles are subject to wear at a very slow rate. This will affect the maximum output torque of the unit. If the torque drops below the customer requirements, the magnetic particles may be replaced by new ones. The particles' life depends on the operational intensity. Experience shows operational lives of several years without the necessity to replace the particles.


  • M linear adjustable through field current
  • M adjustable of speed
  • M repeatable in short intervals
  • Operation possible in permanent slip mode
  • Soft acceleration of load
  • Low-noise switching


  • Control of torque or tension force in case of winding and unwinding
  • Smooth acceleration of inputs (starting clutches)
  • Torque reduction (safety clutches)
  • Torque adjustment according to load (winches)
  • Load generation and test benches and many other applications.

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