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The Controller 14.422 serves to excite the magnetic particle clutches and brakes. The excitation current can be influenced by a dancer potentiometer or a master voltage. The setpoint potentiometer serves to set the required torque or exciting current. As a nominal output voltage of 24 V is required, the controller has to be adapted to the mains via the transformer supplied.

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14.422 Controller

The control board ensures that, despite varying coil temperature and the resulting variation in coil resistance, the current is constant.

This enables the torque to be kept constant. For certain applications, it is also possible to control the voltage only by changing a simple switch.

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Other important features of the controller:

  • Setpoint integrator for controlled acceleration and deceleration of the excitation current. The time can be set at the trimmer.
  • Control amplifier for a dancer position control system.
  • Temperature monitoring through an optional thermal switch at the magnetic particle clutch or brake. Should the body temperature become too high, the controller simply switches off.
  • Controller amplifier for torque or speed control.

Within the limited speed range, a speed control with feedback can be obtained. The necessary control voltage is supplied by the tacho generator. With varying load, the speed can therefore be kept constant.

On the market, different encoder systems are available. These may be adjusted to the controller 14.422 by use of the potentiometer ULeit. For example, encoders of 0-5 V, 0-10 V, 0-15 V up to max. 0-100 V may be connected.

For magnetic particle clutches with built-in temperature sensor, it is absolutely necessary to connect the inner collector ring to terminal 3 of the magneta controller 14.422.

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