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The BFK458-L has made a major improvement in the life of spring applied brakes. Guaranteed for 10,000,000 cycles or two years of service life the BFK458-L has a 250% longer life than most available brakes.

Lenze-AC Tech announces the addition of a low cost, long-life spring-applied break to their line of motion control solutions.

Lenze INTORQ Spring-Applied Brake BFK458 The Versatile Modular System 1.5-600 Nm Distributors

New Stopping and Holding BFK458-L Long Life Brake Guaranteed for Two Years

According to company officials, when properly applied, the newly released BFK458-L is guaranteed for 10,000,000 cycles or two years of service life. "The BFK458-L has a 250% longer life than most available brakes," states Lenze-AC Tech Regional Sales Director, Steve Greene, adding, "In high cycle applications, this represents a major product performance improvement."

Manufactured by Lenze-AC Tech partner, INTORQ the series BFK458-L are spring applied brakes that are released by applying DC voltage to an electromagnetic coil.

Regarding best applications for the new brakes, Greene mentions users interested in a low cost solution for stopping and holding duties in rapid, high cycling applications, and explains, "The BFK458-L will give our customers a tremendous advantage in high dynamic applications."

According to Greene, the BFK458-L brakes are constructed with a cast iron casing and come with a warranty which lasts 2 years or the guaranteed number of cycles, whichever comes first. Lenze-AC Tech engineers explain that there are four sizes in the range, with rated torques from 4 to 46Nm; shaft sizes start at 10mm and go up to 25mm and brake coils can be supplied for 24V low voltage connection or rectified mains at 103, 180 and 250V.

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