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Some software are demo / try-out versions only. You can download them to see if they would work for your application.

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Lenze Motors

The M200 3-Phase AC Motors are destined for operation on the supply system. They are connected via a terminal box. The connection in the terminal box is implemented via conventional cable glands. Depending on the type of the built-on accessories, different terminal boxes are used. For IEC standard motors without built-on accessories, the position of the cable entry can be selected. For geared motors without built-on accessories,

Lenze Software

Lenze uses the PLC Designer as the central engineering software for control technology. The control is based on the modern CoDeSys control system 3. Lenze qualified this basic system for continuous operation in automation systems and then extended and modified it to meet its requirements. It is marketed under the name PLC Designer 3. Compared to the pure CoDeSys system, the timing has for example been optimised and adapted to the specific