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To search, fill in either Manufacturer's name or Part Number search box. The "Manufacturer", and "Part Number" options are all located on the right side or top of this screen. It is not necessary to use all search fields to get results. Note: The search function defaults to an "OR" search. So you can either enter a part number or the manufacturer name.

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Type in part or all of the part number that you are looking for in the Part Number field.

Eg. You can enter "NI25" in the Part Number search box for TURCK part number "NI25-G47-AN6"

If you just enter "NI" in the Part Number search box it will show large number of listings. You can refine the query by adding an extra character or two to your search query. Eg "NI25"

Click on the Search button. The parts matching your criteria will appear.

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Enter the Manufacturer name in the Manufacturer search box on the right or top of this screen. You do not have to enter full Manufacturer name.

Eg. You can just enter "Entrelec" in the Manufacturer search box for "ABB Entrelec" Products

Click on the Search button. The parts offered by your selected manufacturer that match your criteria will appear.

Please know that ACTECHDRIVES.COM does not have every single manufacturer part number in our database. Following is a list of vendor names that you can use to search ACTECHDRIVES.COM inventory database.

ABB   AC Tech/Lenze   Encoder Products USA   Altech
Banner   Baldor   CONTRINEX   Danfoss
Fuji Electric (GE)   GE Security / Sentrol   Hammond Manufacturing   Hammond Power Solutions (HPS)
Hitachi   HTM Sensors   IDEC (IZUMI)   LEESON Electric
AC Tech   LEUZE Electronic   Marathon Special Products (SP)   Mirus International
Phasetronics   NK Technologies   PANASONIC   Red Lion Controls
Saginaw Control & Engineering   SEW Eurodrive   Sola Hevi Duty (Sola HD)   SymCom (MotorSaver & PumpSaver)
TCI (Trans-Coil)   Toshiba   TURCK   Vynckier
Weidmuller   Yaskawa        
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Lenze Motors

In Addition, 4-Pole motors are available in designs B3 and B5 up to a size of 225. All motors with a power of 0.75 kW or above meet the requirements of efficiency class IE2 (high efficiency) according to IEC60034-30. The efficiency was measured in accordance with IEC 60034-2-1. The motors in sizes 056 to 132 have an aluminium housing. From size 160 upwards, they feature a housing made from cast iron. Designs B3 and B5 come with

magneta Clutches

The Input is preferably connected through the rotor tube. To connect the driving element, e.g. for installation of pulleys or chain sprockets, there are to be found corresponding thread bores in the flange of the rotor tube. The output is provided through the shaft of the internal rotor that is equipped with a keyway. Here too, the input and the output may be changed. If the set torque is exceeded, the slip mode