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AC Drives AC Tech, Lenze
AC Motors Lenze
Brakes Intorq, magneta
Clutches Intorq, magneta
Controllers magneta
DC Motors Lenze
Gearboxes Lenze, Vogel
Geared Motors Lenze
HVAC Drives AC Tech
Operator Interface Lenze
PLCs Lenze
Rack & Pinion Drive Vogel
Servo Drives AC Tech, Lenze
Software AC Tech, Lenze
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Lenze Motors

In the European Union, the ErP Directive stipulates minimum efficiency levels for three-phase AC motors. Geared three-phase AC motors that do not conform with this Directive do not meet CE requirements and must not be marketed in the European Economic Area. For optimum protection of three-phase AC motors against ambient conditions, the surface and corrosion protection system (OKS) offers tailor-made solutions.

Lenze Drives

Lenze servo drives 9400 HighLine feature intelligence in the drive and are therefore designed for decentralised motion control applications as well as for centralised control topologies. Lenze provides pre-programmed technology applications, e.g. table positioning, electronic gearbox and synchronism with mark registration for solving various applications simply by parameter setting. The function block editor integrated into