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Lenze-AC Tech announces the release of the EtherNet/IP as a standard communication protocol for the PositionServo drive in addition to the Modbus TCP/IP protocol.

The EtherNet port on the front of the PositionServo drive can seamlessly operate on either a Modbus TCP/IP or an EtherNet/IP network. Other network protocols are available as option modules including CANopen, DeviceNet, Profibus and RS-485.

AC Tech PositionServo 941 Servo Drive Distributor

Ethernet/IP Protocol Now Added to PositionServo

EtherNet/IP (the IP stands for Industrial Protocol) is a member of the DeviceNet and ControlNet family of Common Industrial Protocols (CIP) developed by Allen-Bradley (Rockwell Automation - ROK).

As a member of the CIP family, EtherNet/IP can utilize the same set of pre-defined common objects, thus making communication between devices from different manufacturers much easier.

Allen-Bradley remains the largest implementer of EtherNet/IP, with most applications in the packaging and automotive markets.

"Adding EtherNet/IP protocol to the PositionServo is a direct result of our strong customer focus, and is based on customer feedback." says Mike Bailey, PositionServo Product Manager at Lenze-AC Tech, and he adds, "Providing EtherNet/IP compatibility along side other multiple communication options for our products allows our customers to choose the fieldbus that best fits their automation application as well as their physical network."

Bailey explains that EtherNet/IP is a popular industrial network solution because it can support a nearly unlimited amount of nodes, can be used on a single point connection for configuration and control and permits devices to send and receive messages simultaneously.

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