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VOGEL Antriebstechnik Gearboxes

The simple planetary gearbox comprises of the coaxial sun gear, planet carrier and outer gear sub-assemblies, and is combined with the planet gears rotating at constant centres about the planet carrier. The input is from the sun gear and the drive motion to the planet carrier is via the planet gears. The rolling contact of the planet gears with the outer gear provides the appropriate ratio.

How Does a VOGEL Planetary Gearbox Work?

1 = Sun gear (input shaft)

2 = Planet gear

3 = Outer gear

4 = Planet carrier (output shaft) Multi-stage gearboxes are available by connecting the individual stages in sequence. Within the gear unit combination the individual stages are sized to their torque requirement.

The connection between motor and gearbox is made using a shrink disc bush without a keyway. For maximum performance we recommend the use of motors with reduced shaft tolerance and concentricity according to DIN 42955 R standards.

When fitting the motor, position the gearbox vertically with the motor flange upwards. Before assembly, degrease the motor shaft and the blind hole in the gearbox. Remove the lock screw or two plastic plugs from the motor flange of the gearbox, and insert a long Allen key to reach the tangential clamping screw in the coupling. The coupling must first be turned to the correct position for the screw to be accessible. Lower the motor vertically with the motor shaft in the blind hole. Ensure that the motor shaft has completely entered the bore, and that the flanges of motor and gearbox are in contact with each other over their full surface. The motor flange screws can now be inserted (do not tighten them completely). Then tighten the screws of the coupling with the required tightening torque. Do this in 3 steps alternately with 20%, 50% and then 100%.

The torque values for motor mounting can be accessed in our motor mounting manual, which is offered separately. Finish tightening the motor flange screws. After assembly, it is important to reinsert the lock screw or plastic plugs into their holes.

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