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Eliminate the frustration of selecting the correct servo drive and motor combination.

With MotionMatch, all you need to do is enter your basic application requirements and the free software program will return the compatible servo drive-motor combinations.

Lenze-AC Tech announces the release of the MotionMatch sizing software for its servo drives and motors.

Lenze MotionMatch Software Distributors

Perfectly Pair Servo Drives & Motors with New MotionMatch Software

Company officials describe the combination of MotionMatch motor sizing software and MotionView drive configuration software as a powerful yet simple solution to motion control management.

According to Darrow Hanesian, Director of Product Management at Lenze-AC Tech, "Sizing a motor shouldn't be rocket science and neither should programming a servo drive." Hanesian states that Lenze - AC Tech's MotionMatch, used with the existing MotionView, takes all the guess work out of pairing a PositionServo drive and a Lenze Servo motor, plus the user can now configure the drive with infinite ease.

"Our application engineers often get asked about the right size motor for a customer's application; unfortunately, however, the question usually comes after some failure has occurred" says Hanesian. Deb Kling, Lenze-AC Tech Marketing Manager, agrees, "With thousands of drive and motor combinations to choose from, it is no wonder that customers get frustrated with the selection process; with MotionMatch, all you need to do is enter your application requirements and the program will return the compatible servo drive-motor combinations."

Hanesian and Kling say that Lenze-AC Tech customers have been using MotionView to configure the PositionServo drive since the software's introduction in 2001. "The success of MotionView lies in its intuitive Windows-based platform and the ability to fully program the drive from a PC," says Hanesian.

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AC Tech Drives

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