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The Model 940 is a fully programmable high performance Torque, Velocity and Position brushless servo drive with powerful performance & innovative features!

It is important to note : the 200/240VAC PositionServo drives with the integrated line filters only support single phase input power.

Users requiring three phase input power and EMC filters will need to use the standard drive offering and purchase an optional 3 phase line filter.

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Operating Instructions

The PositionServo is a high performance servo drive which provides sinusoidal commutation. The drive is fully programmable giving it the ability to be used in either a centralized or decentralized control architecture.

Models are available for either encoder or resolver feedback for a wide range of power options. The PositionServo offers popular industrial communication options so you are not limited to any particular controls vendor.

Power ranges for the 230V models are from 2 to 18 Amps.

The PositionServo also features an integrated three button keypad and four digit 7 segment display providing access to key diagnostic data.

If you are looking for AC Tech Model 940 Servo Drives, please call us at (844) 331-9371 or email us at we will do our best to help you find fully programmable high performance servo drive that you are looking for at the most competitive prices possible. If you are searching for model 940 encoder based brushless servo drive technical information (data-sheets) please use the datasheets or product selection guide page links.

Two "Voltage Doubler" models are also offered (2Amp and 4Amp). These units can be fed with single phase 115VAC and will internally double their supply voltage so that they can be used with 230V AC standard servo motors without loss of their rated speed. While the standard 230V units can be supplied with 115VAC, 230V motors utilized with those models will lose speed capacity per the motor's Ke factor rating.

A Fully Programmable Digital AC Brushless Servo Drive with:

  • Sinusoidal Commutation
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
  • Field-oriented Control
  • Encoder & Resolver Feedback
  • Multiple power levels
  • Multiple input voltages
  • Multiple communication options

The PositionServo has two expansion bays. The top expansion bay is used for communication option modules. There are four communication modules available. The CANOpen option module allows users to tie the drive into a CANOpen network allowing for DS301 functionality using either PDO or SDO messaging. The RS-485 option module can support drive to drive communication (as can the embedded Ethernet port) using the PositionServo's proprietary PPP protocol, or it can support Modbus RTU as a Modbus slave device.

Easy access is provided to the DC bus to allow drives to be wired for load sharing or to power the drives from a DC source. The drive also features an integral dynamic brake chopper circuit. Usage of the dynamic brake requires external brake resistors to be wired to the drive. The feedback connector is either a DB15 connector for the 940 encoder based models or a DB-9 connector for the 941 resolver based models. The encoder input can support frequencies up to 2MHz. The 940 drive requires a 5VDC full differential TTL incremental encoder with hall effect sensors. The 941 drive provides 12 bit resolution on its resolver input. The 941 drive is compatible with 10V peak to peak resolvers having a 0.5 transformation ratio at 5 kHz.

Usage of the Keypad and display is simple and intuitive. Pushing the enter key (the rightmost button) gives the user access to the menu. Here the user can use the up and down arrow keys to navigate to the item of interest (i.e. IP_4 for the fourth octet of the drive's IP address). Once at the item desired, simply press the enter key again to view the setting or data. If this is an editable parameter, the yellow C LED will flash at the top center of the display. Use the up/down arrow keys to edit the setting, and then hit the enter key again to save the change and return to the menu. One note. Some parameter changes (such as IP address changes) only take affect after the drive is rebooted or power cycled.

CAN communication parameters (for drives equipped with the CANOpen communication option module) DHCP enabled/disabled, the drive's IP address and Autoboot Enable/Disable.

The Drive has 12 digital inputs which are grouped into three groups of four. (Each group having a common return). All inputs are accessible to the user program, although certain function are reserved for certain inputs (i.e. inhibit/enable must be used and must be IN_A3, the registration input if used is always IN_C3). The drive also has 5 digital outputs. 1 is dedicated to indicate the drive is READY/ENABLED. The remaining four can be either be used as free outputs in the user program, or can be assigned special functions in the drive, for example the brake function may be assigned to an output.

An optional Terminal block is available to facilitate field wiring. The part number is E94ZATBO2. It adapts the 50 pin SCSI connector over to a screw terminal block.

For users concerned with cabinet depth, Lenze offers Panel Saver modules (one for the 940 and one for the 941). These modules are straight pass through connectors which mount to the front of the drive. By using these modules the user connections for the feedback cable and the 50 pin SCSI I/O are transferred off the left side of the drive facing into the cabinet. An important note: The Panel Saver modules cannot be used in conjunction with any other SCSI field wiring option module.

Lenze also offers the E94ZAHBK2 "Motor Brake Terminal Block Option Module". This module is a SCSI to SCSI adapter module with easy provision for the user to wire a 24VDC power supply to and also the two motor brake leads. This option module uses digital output 2 for the brake function.

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Model Number Power Current Output Dimensions inches (mm)
Hp kW H W D
Encoder Feedback 120 or 240 Volt input, 240 Volt Output
E94P020S1NEM 2 6 0.7 7.49 (190) 2.68 (68) 7.49 (190)
E94P040S1NEM 4 12 1.4 7.49 (190) 2.72 (69) 7.49 (190)
Models with ISO13840-1 safety circuit end in "S" suffix rather than "M" as in models above. Output voltage will be twice line voltage when connected to a 120V source. Output voltage will not exceed line voltage when connected to a 240V source.
Encoder Feedback 200/240 Volt 1-Phase input
E94P020S2FEM 2 6 0.7 7.49 (190) 2.68 (68) 9.26 (235)
E94P040S2FEM 4 12 1.4 7.49 (190) 2.72 (69) 9.26 (235)
E94P080S2FEM 8 24 2.8 7.49 (190) 3.43 (87) 9.26 (235)
E94P100S2FEM 10 30 3.5 7.49 (190) 4.02 (102) 9.26 (235)
Encoder Feedback 200/240 Volt 1 or 3-Phase input
E94P020Y2NEM 2 6 0.7 7.49 (190) 2.68 (68) 7.49 (190)
E94P080Y2NEM 8 24 2.8 7.49 (190) 3.75 (95) 7.49 (190)
E94P100Y2NEM 10 30 3.5 7.49 (190) 4.49 (114) 7.49 (190)
E94P120Y2NEM 12 36 4.2 7.49 (190) 2.68 (68) 9.26 (235)
E94P180T2NEM 18 54 6.2 9.53 (242) 2.68 (68) 9.26 (235)
E94P040Y2NEM 4 12 1.4 7.49 (190) 2.72 (69) 7.49 (190)
Encoder Feedback 400/480 Volt 3-Phase input
E94P020T4NEM 2 6 1.4 7.49 (190) 2.68 (68) 7.49 (190)
E94P040T4NEM 4 12 2.8 7.49 (190) 3.75 (95) 7.49 (190)
E94P060T4NEM 6 18 4.2 7.49 (190) 2.68 (68) 9.26 (235)
E94P090T4NEM 9 27 6.2 9.53 (242) 2.68 (68) 9.26 (235)
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