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More than a third of newly installed three-phase AC motors are now operated using electronic control systems. And with ever increasing automation and improved energy efficiency, this technology is set to increase even further.

Lenze L-force MF Three-Phase AC Motors Distributors

MF Three-Phase AC Motors


Dynamic, inverter-optimized three-phase AC motor for variable movements. Power range: 0.75 to 30 Hp (13.5 to 524 lbs.-in.)

This high efficiency powerhouse is ideally suited to applications that require large setting ranges in conjunction with compact dimensions.

Thanks to their flexible modular design, the three-phase AC motors are ideal for use with any application.

If you are looking for Lenze MF AC Motors, please call us at (844) 331-9371 or email us at we will do our best to help you find the Lenze MF 3-Phase AC Motor that you are looking for at the most competitive prices possible. If you are searching for Lenze MF Three-Phase AC Motor technical information (data-sheets) please use the datasheet or product selection guide page links.

The L-force MF three-phase AC motors were developed based on these results.

  • 4-pole L-force three-phase AC motor as the base
  • Electrical winding design geared to a rated frequency of 120 hertz, with a supply voltage of around 400 V (roughly 3,500 rpm)
  • Optimised ball bearings
  • Optimised rotary shaft seals
  • Optimised motor connections due to the greater ampacity of smaller motors

The L-force three-phase AC motors provide added value in many ways for variable speed applications:

  • Save space in your machines thanks to its compact design.
  • Standardise your logistics and inventory processes, as you can cover many applications with a single motor version.
  • Improve the energy efficiency of your application.
  • Increase your productivity thanks to improved dynamics.
  • Use the end-to-end integrity of our products, as our gearboxes and frequency inverters support the MF motors.

Would you like to increase the productivity of your machine and save space at the same time? Would you like to make the switch to more energy-efficient motors, but do not have any extra space available for this? This is no problem with the L-force MF three-phase AC motors, as they offer the same performance as a conventional IE2 three-phase AC motor, but are up to 2 sizes smaller.

One version for multiple applications? Most companies today are striving for at least some kind of standardisation. Reducing the number of different versions also reduces project planning, purchasing and warehousing costs. Thanks to their large speed range of 24:1, the L-force MF three-phase AC motors are suitable for many areas of application. By way of comparison - conventional motors offer an adjustment range of only 10:1.

Since their speed setting range is more than double that of conventional motors, the MF motors allow applications that require both slow and fast speeds to be implemented using a single motor. When using a blower, constant torque is even available throughout the entire setting range. Greater design freedom thanks to more compact overall dimensions. In the past, motors had to be precisely matched to the required power of applications due to the limited amount of space available. However, that has changed and a smaller motor can now provide a greater output and thereby replace a large motor.

For Lenze, the trend of "energy efficiency" means saving energy and costs with drives. This is where the Lenze BlueGreen Solutions really come to the fore. Classic three-phase AC motors generally increase in size as their energy efficiency improves. This not only leads to space issues inside the machine, but also has other negative effects, since greater moments of inertia actually increase energy consumption when changing speeds and are therefore counterproductive.

Things can become particularly complicated when motors need to be exported to "far-flung" countries around the globe. The most diverse of energy efficiency regulations for three-phase AC motors then need to be observed, making it difficult for a single motor to be deployed in all target markets.

The L-force MF three-phase AC motors solve these problems, as they are up to 2 sizes smaller than a conventional IE2 motor, yet offer comparable energy efficiency. Their lower mass moment of inertia also reduces the amount of energy required for speed variations. At the same time, the L-force MF three phase AC motors are not covered by any energy efficiency directive anywhere in the world. This means that they can be used at any location with zero issues - making them truly universal.

Is a servo motor really always needed when implementing servo motor tasks? The extremely high dynamic performance of a servo motor is often excessive, particularly for simple positioning tasks, but conventional three-phase AC motors can be too sluggish. Indeed, in some cases, a servo motor's moment of inertia can even be too low to achieve optimum control characteristics, therefore requiring additional mass inertia.

With the L-force MF three-phase AC motors, Lenze offers the perfect alternative, as these sit right between conventional three-phase AC motors and servo motors in terms of dynamic performance. They also offer an important advantage over many servo motors, as their optional spring-applied brake is easily accessible and therefore easier to maintain.

The many advantages of the L-force MF three-phase AC motors become even more apparent in Drive Packages with gearboxes and frequency inverters from Lenze. Our L-force gearboxes and Inverter Drives 8400 consistently support the properties of the MF motors across the whole range.

Our industrial automation supplies distributors warehouse in Boise, Idaho USA stocks some Lenze 3-phase AC motor products enabling us to further assist you in finding the correct MF AC motor in the USA, Canada and Mexico. Whether we have MF three-phase AC motors in stock in Boise, Idaho USA or need to get them from the factory; ACTECHDRIVES.COM can get L-force MF motor to you fast and save you some money! It will be very helpful if you have the Lenze three-phase AC motor part numbers ready, then our sales representatives can provide you with a pricing and availability quote for Lenze 3-phase AC motors that you are looking for in seconds. If you do not have the part numbers for Lenze MF series motor, our application engineers will be able to help you figure out the part numbers and get the price quote to you as soon as possible.

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