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i500 is the new inverter series in the 0.33 to 60 Hp (0.25 to 45 kW) power range. Its distinguishing features: a streamlined design, scalable functionality, and exceptional user-friendliness. i500 provides a high-quality inverter that already conforms to future standards in accordance with the EN 50598-2 efficiency classes (IE).

Lenze i500 Series Variable Frequency Inverters Distributors

Introducing iSeries Frequency Inverters

Overall, this provides a reliable and future-proof drive for a wide range of machine applications.

Thanks to Lenze's engineering philosophy, the high functionality is still easy to grasp.

Parameterization and set-up are impressive thanks to clear structure and simple dialogues, leading to the desired outcome quickly and reliably.

Keypad - If it' s only a matter of setting a few key parameters such as acceleration and deceleration time, this can be done quickly on the keypad.

Smart Keypad-App - The intuitive Android app enables adjustment to a simple application such as a conveyor belt.

EASY Starter - If functions such as the motor potentiometer or sequence control for a positioning application need to be set, it's best to use the EASY Starter engineering tool.

As a part of a machine with a speed-variable drive system, the inverter must be adapted to its drive task. The adaptation process of the inverter is carried out by changing parameters. By default, the V/f characteristic control with a linear characteristic is preset as motor control for asynchronous motors. The V/f characteristic control is a motor control for conventional frequency inverter applications. It is based on a simple and robust control mode for the operation of asynchronous motors with a linear or square-law load torque characteristic (e.g. fan).

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Intorq Accessories

In All Cases, increased contact erosion and varying switch off times should be expected. The INTORQ spark suppressor protects the coil and contact against impermissibly high induced voltages with switching on the DC side. It comprises a special induction-free pulse capacitor which immediately takes up the high-speed current peaks which occur during switching operations. This considerably reduces the amount of sparking

AC Tech Drives

Lenze MC series is the intelligent, versatile and cost-effective choice for industrial applications. From harsh environments to high torque loads, the M1000 Series microdrives meet the toughest requirements with outstanding reliability, at a low cost. The easy-to-program AC Tech M1000 offers full features, extensive I/O, and a full array of programmable functions. The M1000 is available in a power range of