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The PositionServo series of drives have it all. From basic torque and velocity control to fully programmable coordinated motion, you choose your level of control.

As a distributed drive/control solution, avoid all of the costly cables and connections and put the power of the motion controller in the same package as the drive.

Each drive ships with commissioning software on CD and allows for a clean Window's based environment for drive setup and programming.

Lenze PositionServo 940 Servo Drives Distributors

AC Tech PositionServo 940 Introduction

With 17 programmable I/O points, machine control becomes easy with one packaged solution.

Communication and networking are handled over Ethernet as a standard, but the drive can also provide options for RS-485 and Can Open.

The PositionServo can perform along with the most high-level control and drive solutions in the market and can work with both standard synchronous servo motors and asynchronous induction motors. By combining a highly efficient drive with a flexible, easy-to-use control, the PositionServo is packed with features and performance all for a great price!

The PositionServo has two expansion bays. The top expansion bay is used for communication option modules. There are four communication modules available. The CANOpen option module allows users to tie the drive into a CANOpen network allowing for DS301 functionality using either PDO or SDO messaging. The RS-485 option module can support drive to drive communication (as can the embedded Ethernet port) using the PositionServo's proprietary PPP protocol, or it can support Modbus RTU as a Modbus slave device.

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Lenze Drives

As a Part of a Machine with a speed-variable drive system, the inverter must be adapted to its drive task. The adaptation process of the inverter is carried out by changing parameters. By default, the V/f characteristic control with a linear characteristic is preset as motor control for asynchronous motors. The V/f characteristic control is a motor control for conventional frequency inverter applications. It is based on a simple and robust control

Lenze Gearboxes

Designed Specifically for servo application, the one-, two- and three-stage planetary gearboxes are available in five sizes and cover torques ranging from 177 in-lbs to 7080 in-lbs. The special handling of the toothing edge, which includes grinding and honing, and the precise, balanced clamping system for the motor, help to minimize the noise generation. As a result, a noise of ≤58 dB(A) is achievable which corresponds to a quiet conversation.