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The EDS 48 electronic dual switch contains the complete current supply for a 24 V DC voltage coil and can be operated using control voltages (e.g. from a PLC) or pulses. A pulse at the START input will engage the clutch until a pulse at the STOP input disengages the clutch and applies the brake. A program switch can be used to preselect the type of brake to be controlled (electromagnetic or springoperated brake).

Lenze INTORQ 14.640.10.048 EDS 48 Electronic Dual Switch Distributor

14.640.10.048 EDS 48 Electronic Dual Switch

When using spring-operated brakes, the transformer power must be dimensioned for the sum of the clutch and braking powers.

Delay times can be set on two potentiometers to prevent clutches and brakes that do not have a common armature plate working in opposition.

The input electronics are potential-free and isolated from the power section by an optocoupler.

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Lenze INTORQ Transformer Switches TS 48 14.610.11.048 Distributors

Transformer Switch TS 48 14.610.11.048

Transformer switch TS 48 contains the entire current supply for a 24 V DC coil with transformer, rectifier and switching transistor with suppressor circuit

The transistor is used for switching; there is no contact erosion.

The high induced voltage enables the switch off times indicated in the catalogue for switching on the DC side to be achieved.

Current supply for 24 V coils on AC mains, normal excitation with rated coil voltage & switching of coil current via PLC, proximity switch, contacts, control voltage 5-24 V.

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Magneta Brakes

With DC Voltage Applied, the torque is transmitted without backlash. Using the prestressed spring of the armature, a release free of residual torque is ensured. These clutches and brakes can be installed in any mounting position and hardly need any maintenance. Depending on the friction work, only the operating air gap must be checked at intervals and corrected, if necessary.

Lenze Motors

Designed for Demanding Variable motion duty, the Lenze m550-P three-phase AC motor provides a power range of 1 to 60 Hp (0.75kW to 45kW) with a variety of voltages for simple mains operation with fixed speeds. Optimized for use with frequency inverters, the m550-P motors pair seamlessly with high efficiency Lenze g500 gearboxes. Lenze's m550-P four-pole motors feature an IP55-rated enclosure with an integrated fan and temperature monitoring.