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Epsilon Industries is a supplier of integrated air and fluid side-heat transfer systems including factory built penthouses with mechanical and electrical systems; complete heat transfer packages and refrigeration systems. "One reason for the success of the 'packaged' mechanical systems concept," says Epsilon Sales & Marketing VP, Brad Hughes, "is that customers realize they can decrease the total cost and meet their deadlines by utilizing our specialized, highly trained technical staff." To regulate pumps, chillers and air handlers, Epsilon uses MCH Series drives from Lenze Americas.

MCH Series Makes Heat Transfer a Breeze

What led Hughes to choose the MCH Series? "Our choice of variable frequency drives is a good example of how closely we look at anything that can be done better." As he explains, "These Lenze Americas drives offer a couple of advantages that make a lot of sense to us, one is the automatic transfer to bypass; the others are the disconnect option, and the on-site warranty."

The automatic-transfer-to-bypass option allows the motor to transfer from drive operation, and continue across the line in bypass mode. Say there's an external condition that creates a problem with variable frequency drive operation; like transient voltage harmonics from the utility causing the drive to trip off on a fault. The MCH drive can be configured to attempt several restarts, but if the condition will not clear, the automatic-transfer-to-bypass function will transfer from drive operation to line power, without any human intervention.

If the drive did not have this capability, an experienced, trained operator would have to be on hand to ascertain there was a problem, and then he would have to manually put the drive into bypass mode. "Utilizing the MCH drive is a way for us to make sure we maintain uninterrupted service, no ifs or buts," summarizes Hughes. Once again, dependability under demanding circumstances, and assuring their customers that the systems are going to offer top performance is a crucial aspect of Epsilon's market success.

Epsilon has found a niche and is taking full advantage of it. Hughes counts on Lenze Americas relating "Demystifying drives is the first step towards making them an integral part of our clients' design. When we don't need an expert to understand them, we can really count on them, and move on."

MCH Series Benefits:

  • Automatic Transfer to Bypass Option
  • Automatic Disconnect Option
  • Keypad Select for HOA (Hands Off/Auto)
  • PID Setpoint Control
  • Variable Torque Drive
  • NEMA 12 Enclosure Available
  • RS-485 MODBUS Communication
  • Proven Performance & Reliability
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