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ACTECHDRIVES.COM is one of the largest distributors of industrial controls and components in the US.

We specialize in electrical/electronic components, controls, and automation products serving a wide range of industries.

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An Intelligent Motor Brake logic system is included as standard in the axis modules' device software in the form of a function block. The brake modules are available in numerous designs. The optionally integrable brake modules enable a DC 24 V, DC 180 V or DC 205 V brake to be easily connected and this logic to be used. For axis modules up to 23.5 A, the brake module is integrated into the installation backplane. For axis modules

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Monorail Overhead Conveyors with their high level of automation are not conceivable without innovative control systems. In overhead rail transportation systems, they are responsible for speed control and contactless activation of asynchronous motors. Automated guided vehicle systems transport goods efficiently and safely to their destination in several industry sectors.