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Our brakes have been in use for many years in wind power installations and special requirements of this field of application are high reliability, long maintenance cycles, resistance to environmental influences and a tight braking-torque tolerance.

For pitch drives, we have developed stored-spring brakes as holding brakes that have to display a specific mode of emergency manner even after a failure.

Lenze INTORQ Spring-Applied Brake BFK458 The Versatile Modular System 1.5-600 Nm Distributor

Electromagnetic Braking Systems in Wind Turbines

The brake casing is encapsulated or suitable for tachometer mounting.

In azimuth drives, brakes from our modular BFK458 series are used. They keep the turbine aligned in the wind.

In the event of a fault, the brakes have to act as a friction clutch to enable the gondola to move with the wind.

In the offshore area, the requirements for corrosion protection and robustness are very high. Encapsulated version with special surface protection are used here.

Electromagnetically released spring-applied brakes are used wherever masses in motion have to be decelerated as quickly as possible or where masses must be held in a defined position. The braking force is applied by tappet springs. Thus the braking torque generated by friction locking remains available in the deenergised status - even in the event of mains failure. The brake is released electromagnetically.

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Magneta Brakes

Their Compact Dimensions and relatively low weight make them the perfect solution for these applications. Owing to the use of permanent magnets, their power density is twice the density of spring-applied brakes. In addition to their low weight and minimal abrasion, dynamic permanent-magnet brakes offer additional benefits that make them the number one choice in robotics. The abrasion resistance of permanent-magnet brakes is the result

Lenze Drives

Motion Centric Automation and intelligent engineering are cornerstones of Lenze drive solutions. Proper drive dimensioning is required to provide relatively low torques in continuous operation applications that require high breakaway torques at start-up. Specifying motors that provide maximum power for high breakaway torques results in an energy inefficient solution that can waste up to 60 percent of current used.