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Lenze Drives

If the V/f Switchover Point on the inverter is set to 87 Hz, the rated torque can be used across an extended setting range. Here, a V/f at 87 Hz 230/400V motor is for example used and operated in a delta layout with a 400V inverter. The setting range is then increased by 40 %. The inverter must be dimensioned for a rated motor current of 230 V. In its initial state when delivered,

Lenze Gearboxes

The New Hybrid Design includes an output shaft supported by traditional reinforced tapered bearings and the inclusion of a final drive-gear support bearing. The innovative output flange was designed for applications demanding higher output shaft radial loads. Ideal for many industrial applications, the entire Lenze g500-H helical gearbox series features CAD-optimized design, closely stepped speed reduction ratios and a low backlash.